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After a difficult week Emelec was able to take out a difficult match against Deportivo Cuenca and beat him 2-1, so the coach Alfredo Arias praised the efforts of his players after the match.

“I think we were just worthy of a very difficult match with a rival who was growing, which was playing very well. I think we remove them the ball, pressed” said Uruguayan coach.

“We were losing the game and so we were able, even after the painful defeat we had out (4-2 D. La Guaira in Venezuela for Copa Sudamericana), have the courage to bounce back and my players to go for the party and win and I think we won well, “he said.

Beyond the mistakes he acknowledged, made the team, Arias said he was quiet the attitude that showed his players, although many of them came from an overload of parties or just recuperandos injury.

Arias explained that this match had to replace four players from the main template, such as Oscar Bagui, Segundo Portocarrero, Byron Mina and Angel Mena, all absent through injury. But who were they did well.

From there the changes were not based on tactics but based on the players who were getting tired. “But he responded, today I’m quiet,” he said.


In the press conference coach Alfredo Arias also said that by choice decided not to postpone matches for the South American qualifiers, although Emelec brings with five players to the team: Esteban Dreer, Gabriel Achilier, Pedro Quiñónez, Fernando Gaibor and Angel Mena .

“Now Aucas has been (for the sixth time), we will not postpone,” Arias said. “We can postpone, we have five players in team, but we will not do it.”

“We will give a chance to players who are, for something Emelec are in. It’s my decision, the responsibility is mine. If I have 25 players training all going to play.”

The coach explained that the decision goes so learned upon arrival when I could not train to play every week, but had to face three matches postponed in height.

“We had to travel every three days, back and define this championship (the first stage). I do not want to make that mistake again, I want to get to the definition with the whole team, taking all forces”.

Manuela Santos


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Escudo de Emelec

© Copyright, Club Sport Emelec®, Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2018