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Escudo de Emelec

Emelec in a minute turned a side marker and Friday night 2-1 Deportivo Cuenca won the Modelo Alberto Spencer Stadium for the fifth round of the second stage of the championship.

The millionaire box reunited with networks with goals from Pedro Quiñónez and Hólger Matamoros, goals that could be three if the referee Andrés Ponce had not annulled a legitimate move that the goal of Cristian Guanca.

D. Cuenca pressed from the start, even in the field of Bombillo, hindering the plays Emelec intended baste.

Trasncurrían just 16 minutes and the bulls became the lead with a goal by Juan Pablo Segovia. After an absence of Gabriel Achilier near the area, Luis Fernando Saritama took a free kick that headed Segovia and beat the local goal.

The team surprised both Alfredo Arias, who at 31m was forced to replace Fernando Gimenez by Carlos Moreno. The ‘Viking’ out injured.

However 36m Emelec came the quiet with middle-distance shot surprised the goalkeeper morlaco Hamilton Stone. After a free kick from Matamoros, who hit the barrier, and a series of rebounds, Quiñónez found the ball and lashed out with the shot.

Not very well Cuenca relished equality, a minute later (37m) Matamoros circled the scoring with a diagonal shot after receiving a pass from Gaibor.

La Boca del Pozo was going on because the Bombillo won and left behind the bad resultdos last week. After the break, the third shouted in a clean play, but that was annulled by Ponce.

A 60m Diego Corozo up a center in the area. Stracqualursi Guanca and went looking for the ball fully enabled, the first hit to nod, but the referee disallowed the play.

Thereafter the millionaire sought box and seal the result was close hand two hand Gaibor Fernando, who would he just missed the goal because he played a key action on the court.

At the end Emelec reduced to 10 men by the expulsion Corozo.

Now the billionaire will build the stoppage table tournament players to recover the fatigue that has brought them a hectic schedule for the local tournament and the Copa Sudamericana.


Emelec: Dreer; Corozo, Achilier, Jaime Gimenez (Moreno, 31m); Gaibor, Quiñónez, Matamoros (Lastra, 78m); Burbano (Araujo, 86m), Guanca, Stracqualursi. DT: Alfredo Arias.

D. Cuenca: Stone; Caravalf (Cangá (93m), Filipetto, Segovia, Johnson, Ona, Kouffati (Congo, 67m), Saritama (Zea, 78m), Mosquera; Chalá and Becerra DT: Gabriel Cosenza..

Referee: Omar Ponce warned Achilier (14m), Quiñónez (45m) and expelled Corozo (92m) of Emelec.

Manuela Santos


© Copyright, Club Sport Emelec®, Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2018

Escudo de Emelec

© Copyright, Club Sport Emelec®, Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2018