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The morning of this Thursday, was the presentation of the clothing 2017 Club Sport Emelec, adidas brand.

In the press room of the Estadio Banco del Pacífico Capwell, representatives of the German brand, along with club leaders, officially presented the new clothing that will wear the ‘Bombillo’ this season.

Ignacio Yazdani, adidas Latin America manager, soccer highlighted the importance of the link between adidas and Emelec: “For the adidas brand it is an honor to be in this event, adidas a year ago looked for Club Sport Emelec for one reason: we are looking for clubs Most important at a global level and this is the case of Emelec, not only for its sporting successes but also for the professionalism of the leadership, for its long term vision.That is why we chose this club that helps us to position our brand adidas football As the number one in Ecuador.Also highlight the fans, who are always with the players and the club in the good and the bad.We hope you like the shirt and bring a star to our shield.

Noemí Freire, marketing manager of Mundo Deportivo, distributor of adidas in Ecuador, was in charge of unveiling the new uniforms for the matches of local and visitor that dispute the ‘Eléctricos’. Previously, he spoke about the design and technology used in these garments: “It is a representative design for both players and fans, who live each of the victories of the blue ballet, we are sure that with this apparel Emelec will play the first places Through the design of the new skin of the Bombillo, adidas seeks to seal the traditional identity of the team, highlighting the characteristic colors: blue and lead.For this edition, The 3 stripes of the shirt are navy blue to renew the visual appeal of the garment, reaffirming in this way the image of the club and the brand.For adidas it is fundamental to provide the best technology for all players, both inside and outside Of the court, therefore the shirt has Climacool technology, which offers total control of temperature and from the beginning to the end of each match.

Subsequently, the clothing of the Club Sport Emelec was officially displayed. Following photos of the new skin of the Bombillo.


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Escudo de Emelec

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