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It was a different blue night on Monday, February 6, when memories and anecdotes from all the ages of so many figures who wore Emelec’s blue T-shirt were intertwined in hugs and turned into joy for elderly footballers, Adults and young men who, since they wrapped their blue t-shirt and lead, hit their skin.

Behind him was a renovated and beautiful stadium, Banco del Pacifico Capwell, heard the dialogue of Don Carol Farah, player of the fifties, who at age 84 shows an impressive lucidity; So much, that he never tired of telling anecdotes and joking with the journalists.

And so began to form the groups of companions of always, those of the “Blue Ballet” and the “Magi”, where the occurrences of José Vicente “Loco” Balseca still elicited a laugh to “Maestrito” Enrique Raymondi, and to the sixth Rey magician, as he was known Galo Pulido. Beside them, Don Bolívar Merizalde, who was said to integrate the top three of the players who scored the most goals in the classics, after Lupo Quiñónez and Ivo Ron.

Lupo’s companions also appeared, one that had come from Spain and had a magic left-handed, Carlos “Palillo” Torres Garces, who later joined Carlos Miori, Jorge Valdez and Ricardo “Bocha” Almendáriz, to end up remembering moments of that Unforgettable title of 79.

But if there was a group that almost did not separate, it was that of the two-time champion of Salvador Capitano. There they were in a single embrace and in full are jokes and more jokes, and posing for the photos Marcelo “Pepo” Morales, “Bocha” Benitez , Kléber “Cabezón” Fajardo, Ivan “Bam Bam” Hurtado, Enrique Verduga, Eduardo Smith, among others.

Those of decades closer as Moses Candelario, Juanito Triviño, paradoxically arrived injured; Eduardo “Tanque” Hurtado, Silvano Estacio, Luis Zambrano, Carlitos Quiñónez, Manuel Mendoza, Pachito Vidal, armed a future encounter by the networks or in person, the idea was not to stop being seen.

There were also others who came from abroad to make history, the pair Ariel Graziani-Carlos Juárez, was the most besieged, as was golfer Marcelo Elizaga. Another came was the Venezuelan Jose Manuel Rey, who was greeted with a strong hug by The direct responsible of this joy for the glories, the president of the institution, Don Nassib Neme.

The party continued until after midnight, including former leaders and guest press. What is surprising is that outside the stadium Banco del Pacifico Capwell, the fan waited for the last glory of CS Emelec to request an autograph and take a photo. Love By the blue shirt is eternal.

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© Copyright, Club Sport Emelec®, Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2018

Escudo de Emelec

© Copyright, Club Sport Emelec®, Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2018